Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Delight

Marais USA

Basic chic. A patent t-strap thong sandal. It comes in a variety of bright summer hues and can be worn with your entire wardrobe (I would argue). At $42 a pair - you might want to buy multiple pairs!

(Support Marais USA and their great style -

Summer Skin

Do your summer skin a favor and treat it to a dose of Argan Oil found in Kiehl's Superbly Restorative Body Lotion. You won't be sorry! It will work a little magic as it improves your skin's texture and tone and the result will be soft. An added bonus - it smells great. The combination of Argan Oil and Eucalyptus is nice enough to replace your summer fragrance.

(Sold online at or Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Saks and Barneys...just to name a few).

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Instantly Stylish

Add this dress to your wardrobe and you won't be sorry. It's a classic that will make getting dressed for any future wedding or cocktail party a total breeze. Plus, it's bound to be on the receiving end of endless compliments. And, at 80% off on, your purchase will be made guilt-free.

(The Bamford Floral Applique dress is currently available in size 38).

Mondern Console Please

Here's an easy way to add a touch of contemporary to your home - an elegant console from Pottery Barn. Its steel frame and marble top make it incredibly sleek, yet its neutral enough to coordinate with any mix of furniture. And, the price is right - on sale right now for $599. Check out the Monroe Console at

(Note the succulents in the lacquer tray on top - instant decorating idea).

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dogs in the Foyer

What better way to greet your guests?

(See Kate W's home profiled in House Beautiful; A California Home Shows Off the Power of Color).

Basic White

Bored of terracotta? Try white planters. Keep it simple and chic by planting a single color across your garden or patio (boxwoods are always a great choice) and the white will stand out more. This green and white combination is fantastic.

(Want to try white without a major investment? Go to for a selection of DMC planters in white).

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lee Angel - Gilt Group

Hurry to get this divine Lee Angel fringe necklace on Gilt Group.

( - membership is free).

Tuesday Delight

Ah. Brilliant mixing and matching.

(Room is a Miles Redd creation).

Fine Art - Fine Prices

Spend some time browsing the wonderful Lost Art Salon website. You will find an enormous collection (over 3,000 pieces) of works from "rediscovered and historically significant" artists from the early to mid-20th century. Search by color, subject or artist. Better yet, visit the gallery in San Francisco - located at 245 South Van Ness.

Not sure what style or era suits your fancy? Works can also be rented!

(Find out more at

Monday, July 27, 2009

A Little Preppy - A Lot Cool

Need a little summer pick me up without breaking the bank? Try these! Anon Fletch sunglasses. They will instantly up any one's cool factor and look good on most face shapes. They are a great size, and a great price.

(See for a retailer near you).

Poolside Paradise

Landscaping at its best.

Looking For Wheels?

Not quite ready for a tricycle? Try this darling push cart. It's large enough to tire out a busy toddler who wants to shuttle her dolls around the house or driveway. And, it could be plenty purposeful after she has outgrown it - one of the cutest storage pieces I've seen.

(Buy it now for only $99 at

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Those Shoes

Looking for the very best in classic ballet flats? Try Repetto - the Parisian brand that is famous for having designed custom styles for Brigitte Bardot. My personal favorite - the yellow suede with gold, metallic polka dots.

(Fancy them yourself? On sale now for $112 at

Friday, July 24, 2009

Sun Dress - Fun Dress

Dressing in summer should be easy and a sun dress is always the perfect solution. Check out this adorable Elissa Coleman number on The Outnet. It's perfect for running around town, or for evening cocktails in the garden. And, at 70% off - it's a great price.

(Go to and type in Elissa Coleman to find this tunic dress).

Be Bold!

Don't be afraid to introduce a bright hue to your kitchen cabinets and appliances. Green paint (yes - paint!) was used to transform this kitchen space where it was even brushed on the fridge and the window shade. So monochromatic chic. Notice the stainless steel accents - from counter tops to cabinet pulls. Super!

(Looking for lacquer paint? Try Fine Paints of Europe. Photo courtesy of House Beautiful magazine).

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer Cocktails

Add instant flair to regular, old cocktail napkins with this cute accessory, meant to keep napkins in place. The cocktail napkin box is offered with various different figurines on top, but I think the bikini-clad girl is best. Good way to get your guests to reach for a napkin? I think so.

(This also makes a good hostess gift. Get yours now at for only $22).

Love That Look

So perfectly chic and casual! Try your own version of this great combo by pairing a flowy top with some very basic khaki shorts. And, don't forget the details - a cute, summer clutch and your favorite dark shades to contrast the bright top.

(Photo courtesy of the brilliant

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dog Style

Like a Turk's Head rope bracelet from your youth, Mascot makes an identical style for your dog (although not the shrink-to-your-wrist version). Check out the bright colors and cute buckle to keep your pooch in style.

(Shop at

The New Espadrille?

What's not to love about Tom's Shoes? They are cute and comfy and support a movement that is incredibly generous. For every pair of Tom's Shoes sold, a separate pair is donated to a child in need in a developing country around the world. In 2009 alone, Tom's expects to give away 300,000 pairs! Contribute to achieving that goal by going to

(At the very least, spend some time on the Tom's website and you won't be sorry - impressive!).

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mawi = Fabulous

Mawi is all you need to know if you're looking for some of the most irresistible jewelry pieces in the world! Seriously. The collection of glamorous and easy to wear jewels is named after its creator - Mawi Keivon - a London-based phenom at her craft. If you are drawn to the ring above, wait until you see the rest of her collection. You won't be able to decide what you love the most.

(Type where you can shop directly from the homepage!).

For a Great Cause

Feel great about looking good. Choose one of 5 fabulous colors in the classic polo (slim fit) and net proceeds will be donated to Fashion Targets Breast Cancer and the Susan G. Komen for the Cure organizations. Buy exclusively at for $55.

(Want to know more about breast cancer? Start by going to

Monday, July 20, 2009

Black and White Chic

Black and white is my favorite neutral.

(Photo courtesy of John Jacob Interiors, South Africa).

Dog Chic

Are you a dog lover? Or, do you just like to look at them? Either way, Margie Bobbish's prints are easy to enjoy. She uses splashes of color to help create uplifting depictions of four-legged friends of all sizes and makes. Check out her website for a print that speaks to you. Or, contact her to commission an original.


Friday, July 17, 2009

Cute Summer Brights

Keep things simple and bright for your little one in summer rompers that make dressing your child easy and fast. My favorite is this blue pique number from Gordon and Co.

( for some very cute Gordon and Co. clothing options).

Friday Delight

A little inspiration for anyone considering a dining room makeover.

(Image from Domino).

Cover Your Walls

Looking for decorative artwork to cover any bare spots in your home? Support NYC gallery owner, Jen Bekman, and her project 20 x 200. Jen puts aspiring artists in the spotlight by showcasing and selling their work through her website Two new pieces of work are exhibited each week and sold (limited to 200 prints) in 3 different sizes. The smallest size comes with the smallest price tag - only $20 (hence the name). This "Birch Forest No. 7" is already one of my faves.

(Check out and / or

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dare to Wear....

A headscarf. Casually wrapped around a woman's head and tied above the nape of her neck - one of the most classic and coolest looks in fashion. Try it.

(Photo courtesy of Anna at

Rebecca Minkoff - Gilt Group

Hurry to get this adorable Rebecca Minkoff clutch on Gilt Group for $98. It comes in black too and either one makes for the perfect evening accessory. Too cute!

( - membership is free).

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Discount Chic

Does it get any better than The Outnet? When Net-a-Porter announced they were creating a sister website for discounted merchandise I nearly fell out of my chair with excitement. Like an answer to my prayers, The Outnet consistently updates its inventory, and the discounts do not disappoint! The cute, summer combination above is over 70% off.

(Pictured Stella McCartney frock is marked down 70%, to $464 and same goes for the metallic Roberto Cavalli clutch for $225. C'est magnifique!).

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ethan Allen - Who Knew?

My eyes recently fixed on this sleek and attractive bench in the August 2009 Architectural Digest issue featuring "Designer Discoveries" (I can't take any credit). My attention was caught again when I read the short description of the item; an Ethan Allen original?! Quelle surprise. It got even better. The brushed nickel frame can be upholstered in a variety of fabrics - including leather. And, the price is right. I'll take two please (great for the foot of a full or queen bed)!

( for the Xanadu bench).

Monday, July 13, 2009

eBay Find of the Day

Imported directly from the fashion fabric house in France, Manuel Canovas swim suits are some of the cutest and most unique around. The prints scream divine and are far more sophisticated than any ordinary solid-color or striped maillot. But, the price of these suits aren't as divine as the style. Step in eBay for a pretty decent selection of significantly reduced MC suits that are sure to make any woman's summer more exciting. for your own search.

In Style With a Portable Crib

Move over Pack N Play, there is a cooler, kinder portable crib in town. Bloom baby, a sustainable baby and child furniture company, has created a sleek and easy to use portable crib option for those who are a little restricted by space or want a cuter option for a crib at Granny's house. The Alma crib accommodates newborns to children who are two years old. And, it folds up to fit in any closet. Bloom products are made entirely of sustainably forested wood and low-VOC paint. Admire the Alma crib and other Bloom products at

(To order your Alma crib go to

Casual Chic

Looking for a little diversion from your regular Havaiana's? Try their FIT flip flop. Its added ankle strap creates a little more comfort and sophistication to an otherwise plain jane summer slipper. The golden color looks best! Go to for a selection of colors and sizes.

Vintage Chic

I am a huge fan of statement jewelry and I could spend hours pouring over vintage jewelry collections online or in person. I found these yesterday and fell instantly in love. Talk about a bold and brilliant way to add style to your summer day!

(One of my favorite vintage online jewelers is:

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Modern Chic

Add instant style and flair to any sofa, bed or chair with a single-letter monogram throw pillow. This very cool version offered by Jonathan Adler screams simple and modern among a sea of incredibly popular and fancy monogram options these days. The Jonathan Adler collection offers more than 10 vibrant color choices in wool or cotton. The best part?...... Jonathan's pillows are hand-loomed in South America by an organization called Aid to Artisans. Go to and get your choice of A to Z.

(For an alternatively simple monogram pillow see for their "Basic Pillow" with monogram option for an attractive $22.00).

Riding in Style

There is no question that bicycles are becoming extremely fashionable, and could be considered the new urban it accessory. I have a certain fondness for the old-fashioned, handmade English variety called Pashley (pictured). While we lived in London I rode my cute, black Pashley Princess all over town and often opted for it over our much faster, European-made station wagon. After all, our station wagon didn't have a cute wicker basket for groceries. Sadly, I sold my Pashley shortly before we moved back to the United States. I thought my already-owned road bike and triathlon bike would serve me a little better in the uber-athletic Marin County. I was wrong and I miss my Pashley! As I watch other moms and dads cruising through the farmers market and to and from town on their trusty two-wheeled companions, I think it's definitely time for a new, cute, cruising bike.

(Also looking for a bike? Try your nearest flea market for an old-fashioned type. Or, check out for the Schwinn Sid Coasting Bike).

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Style For Kids

Looking for some very cute and very environmentally friendly clothing options for your children? Try Kice Kice, a stand-out line of clothing created by twin sisters Lesley and Karen Kice. Their products are made of organic fabrics and always under fair labor practices. And, they never fall short when it comes to creating cute, comfy and easy to wear pieces. The pictured dress will make any little girl feel like a fairy princess.

(See for some Kice Kice options and other organic goodies).

Friday, July 10, 2009

Instant Chic

During the summer I adhere to a pretty strict dress code; white jeans and white t-shirt. I like to add a little fun and character to my all-white ensembles by choosing unique and colorful pieces of statement jewelry. I seek out one of a kind bracelets, necklaces and earrings from places like eBay, flea markets and antique dealers. This bracelet is on my jewelry wish-list; the perfect complement to a simple white get-up.

(Bracelet courtesy of

Dream House - Dream Room

Heaven in a living room! Who wouldn't want to enjoy this incredibly chic living space on a daily basis. It is the brilliantly designed pool house lounge of Delphine Krakoff, the Parisian born interior designer (mother of three) who is responsible for some of the most elegant and sought-after homes on the East Coast. Delphine has a distinct flair for pairing classic antiques with modern pieces including contemporary furniture and striking artwork.

(To be inspired, check out for more of Delphine's work).

Love That Look Friday

Does it get any cooler than Thandie Newton's (mother of two) latest look? She's wearing a Matthew Williamson digital print cocktail dress, paired perfectly with her choice of natural-hued heels (which are just as cool as her dress). Her combo is perfect for an evening out on the town. It would be certain to get all the attention at any suburban summer fete.

(For a twist on the same idea, and for much less money, see the Fiumicelli "dark pink caleidoscopio silk Giorgia belted t-shirt dress" on Bluefly for $182 - but hurry - only 2 left).

Safe Sunscreen

While living overseas, I learned that there are many active ingredients used in health and beauty products in the United States that are completely banned for use across Europe. The horror! As a result, I am constantly seeking out safe and effective products for me and my family, and that includes sunscreen. Many of the organic, chemical-free sunscreens offered are available online, but difficult to find otherwise. I found a brand called Lavera that is sold at Whole Foods and other organic and non-organic retailers in the US (including Longs Drugs and Costco!). Lavera's sunscreen is mineral-based, waterproof and ideal for sensitive skin. Most importantly, it's effective. Try it.

(Check out for the latest and greatest in information about living a more safe and chemical-free lifestyle).

Smith & Hawken Closing

One of our favorite outdoor lifestyle stores is closing! Smith & Hawken announced this week that they will be closing all 56 stores across the US, and they have already stopped taking online and catalog orders. Quel dommage! I didn't see that one coming, as I went to our closest S&H last Thursday and inquired about zinc planters that I have been eyeing all summer. The nice salesperson told me they would probably go on sale in the fall. Apparently, they will be on sale even sooner than that.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

French Stripes

Add a little French chic to your summer wardrobe. Try a traditional Breton stripe fishing shirt. Popularized by Coco Chanel's original blue and white version of the working shirt, it is an easy, classic staple to add to any modern woman's wardrobe. Pair it with white, slim-fit jeans and a few gold bangles and, et voila!

(Try for their very economical version called the "French Sailor's Shirt").

Sneaker substitute

How about a cute and comfy alternative to sneakers and running shoes? The Nike Air Rift looks better than bulky running shoes or boring tennies, but doesn't spare the comfort or support of either. This season's ice blue is neutral enough for any around-the-town outfit. Try them with skirts, skinny jeans or your favorite yoga pants.

(See for an unbeatable price of $58.99).