Friday, May 21, 2010

Style Friday

A good vintage find is wildly exciting to me. My heart nearly skips a beat every time I find an item of old that is so well made that its age is totally disguised by its hand-stitching and carefully hidden plackets.

I am inspired by women who can effortlessly combine vintage pieces with current wardrobe essentials to get a look that is totally modern and chic (see above). In my quest to do the same, I have learned a few things:

* Well-made pieces have almost unlimited life spans. Judge quality by construction and fabric.

* Use your imagination. A good tailor can alter dresses and jackets and can take them from long to short in almost no time.

* Fit matters. Use a tailor to custom-fit dresses, tops and jackets for a very finished and polished look.

* Don't obsess over designer vintage labels. Many items have lost labels over the years and there are a lot of small great designers who did wonderful work, but are relatively unknown.

Some of my favorite sources for fabulous vintage:

Have fun!

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