Friday, August 14, 2009

Daily Art

Follow miss Kelley MacDonald on her journey as an artist. Kelley keeps a lovely blog that she updates 3 - 6 times per week with small format oil and acrylic paintings - dailies as she calls them. Her work is original and her subjects are inspired by her every day life in New the beach, with her dog, in the yard, and among friends. Her work is for sale and always delightful. Enjoy!



  1. OK, I'll be the first to comment on this post! Thank you so much for the shout out, Eileen! I mentioned you in today's post, too. I hope you get a lot of traffic stopping by from my mention, too! Good luck, and, thanks again!

  2. Kelley is so talented! her daily posts inspire me!

    i am so glad she posted about your blog eileen! it is wonderful. it is so nice to meet you.


  3. How lovely to see my friend Kelley's work over here.
    Also, loved that ceramic elephant from eBay. Quite eclectic :)

  4. Thanks, ladies! Please visit often as I promise to keep regular updates coming...including more of Kelley's paintings! Enjoy your weekend.